What if: Earth is a Farm for Dragon Food?

What if: Earth is a Farm for Dragon Food?

Why would a dragon let you ride it, though? I mean, it’s a DRAGON! We don’t ride crocodiles, either. What if we discover one day, that it was dragons who wiped out the dinosaurs, and not an asteroid? Dragons from outter space, on an intra-galactic journey, making a pit stop on Earth. And every sun is actually nothing more than a resource-rich world of raging dragons, who have to migrate across the galaxy occasionally, due to overpopulation. Or migrate en masse when they have ravaged their planet through over-exploitation of its stellar resources. An ecological disaster which takes the star eons to recover from. And that causes our ice ages. Maybe the dragons are mining their worlds to death. An extractive industries society run amok. And we’re sitting here thinking the sun is a ball of fire shining just for us.

And Earth is really a farm planet. We’re cattle they rear, to feed on in their great galactic migration. The infernal star miners in search of another rock to exploit. First they farmed dinosaurs. And their pharmaceutical industry is implementing evolution of species as a multi-era research project, in furtherance of some ominous goal. Or maybe moving from farming dinosaurs to farming humans is just a consequence in advances made in the dragons’ food sciences. What if we have grossly miscalculated the death of our “sun”? What if the farm project is geared to produce only 8 billion human beings, no more? And it’s meant to be enough to sustain the dragons on their flight to another star). And we are scheduled to reach 8 billion just as the environmental disasters caused by the dragons’ hyper-extractive industries collapse our “sun”? I wonder if a dashing blond guy with a sword will save us, then. Didn’t work out for the dinos, though..

What if our depictions of dragons are not even remotely what real live dragons look like, and dragons have a distinctly humanoid form? What if they are gigantic, winged, super-capitalistic, space-traveling. humanoid industrialists? Over a hundred metres tall!

What if dragons really look like this?



Header photo : Creative Commons/Erik Derr

Burning humanoid: CC0 Public Domain/LoggaWiggler

One thought on “What if: Earth is a Farm for Dragon Food?

  1. Hm. Then let’s all hope that dragons start becoming vegans for health, ecological, and / or ethical reasons.

    “Eat asteroids! Delicious and low in cholesterol!”

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