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This year, 2017, has been a very special one for me, so far. So many wonderful things have happened. I got married! I’m expecting a baby! I voted for the first time in my life! And today, 18th August, I attended the Presidential Inauguration of my greatest hero: His Excellency President Paul Kagame! I arrived at Amahoro Stadium at 8:30AM. The crowd was hype, the excitement was electric! The stadium was packed! Music was playing from a stage below, people were singing and waving Rwandan flags. An atmosphere of sheer euphoria flowed through the crowd. Today is the big day for Rwanda! It’s the Kagame Inauguration!

The African Heads of State were arriving to much fanfare and cheer, and when finally President Kagame arrived all of us jumped to our feet. The whole stadium started chanting “Ni wowe! Ni wowe! Ni wowe!” It was magical. It was a very emotional moment for me, and I struggled to fight back tears. Usually, you read about men like Pres. Paul Kagame in the history books of a long forgotten pan-Africa. But here I was, live and direct, contemporary of these magnificent times. One day, when my child is old enough to understand, I will tell him of this day and how much it means to me, how much it means to Rwanda.

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I felt so proud of us. Rwandans, Africans, all of us. This was our thing. To Hell with all the hatred from the “Climate of Fear” experts, who will have us believe they know better than we do what is good for us! To Hell with anyone who wants to stand in the way of my country’s and my continent’s progress! It is our future, and we must be the architects of it. Not merely the spectators. There is a strange way of thinking promoted by the West: Process over Progress. This basically translates to transition of presidencies being the beginning and end of democracy. Democracy, this system “given” to us by our former colonial so-called masters, whereby a one-size-fits-all approach must be adhered to, in order for Western interests to be easily managed in this our Africa. I wonder, though, when no two democracies in Europe are alike, why must Africa – the largest continent in the world – follow this dogma of Single-Size Cut-and-Paste democracy? That’s democrazy!

Rwanda is a beacon of hope on this continent of ours. We here in the 250 are a shining example of what amazing things can be achieved, when you do for yourself what works for yourself. Suffice it to say, I think it’s become clear in 2017 Rwanda has since reached a point where we have a democratic system in this country that is worth analyzing and adapting to suit your own country’s needs. In Africa, even in the rest of the world. The idea that only western democracy is true democracy is a dead idea. It has held us Africans in shackles for long enough, and it is time now to bury this archaic idea. Let us forge ahead on our own path, together always, as one Rwanda. The future is bright and we have everything we need to make it happen. Here’s to another seven years of even more progress, prosperity, hard work and unity. God bless Rwanda, and God bless Africa!

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