Concept art for Jahida

Concept art for Jahida

The visual for the protagonist, Jahida, of my short story Devil’s Village is inspired by a drawing I did, in April 2015. My pencil drawing is a copy of Baby Cakes, a character by the artist Henrique Naspolini, who in turn based it on a Trevor Claxton concept.

Here is the pencil drawing I made, and below it are three versions I created by running various filters in Gimp, an image manipulation program.

Original pencil drawing:


Messing around with the filters in Gimp:



This next one, reminds me of the “Infrared Thermal Imaging” technology used by Jahida and also by the Bravo Team, in the short story.


Credits: Featured image (Pencils in the post title): “2B or not 2H”, by MJM (License: Creative Commons 2.0)

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